Van Van Blessing Bath/Van Van Water Recipe

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Hi all and HAPPY JUNETEENTH! First some updates! Yesterday was my birthday!!!

I had a lovely day spent with friends and my spirits after an intense Strawberry Full Moon in Sagittarius. To celebrate i’m running a special on divinations. 25% off of all divinations from now until June Solstice (6/21) using the code “CUSPBABY” at checkout! You can schedule directly on the site here under “Book” I am so excited to finally be approaching summer and I wanted to get some energy moving and get that electric summer feeling going.

Ancestors channelled me this lovely little blessing/road opening inspired bath to clear out negativity, clear anxiety and mental fog, and bring your blessings and angels closer to you.

Similar ingredients are used for a Van Van Blessing Water that can be used to anoint and clean surfaces and spiritual objects adorn the body or feed/dress mojo/gris gris, clothing, waist beads or other ritual items. I use and prefer fresh herbs whenever possible, but use what you have. There are no measurements here as I am a country black woman and a full ass medium, so open up your psychic space and let your ancestors guide you to the appropriate amounts of each thing.

herbs after being torn and massaged and activated with prayer and “working” them.

herbs after being torn and massaged and activated with prayer and “working” them.


In a large bowl or basin:



basil leaves

5 white flowers

lemongrass chopped

vetiver fresh or essential oil

lemongrass essential oil

for water only: (add angelica root, white liquor, and blessed rain water or moon water)

How To:

Van Van Blessing Bath:

Invoke your ancestors and whatever spirits you walk with in your personal journey ask them to bless your work and provide you with any additions or subtractions to this recipe you may need for your own spiritual walk

Work your herbs

Take each herb in your hand and meditate on the energy flowing through the plant. Thank it for it’s medicine and begin to tear with your hands and massage the plant while praying and speaking your intention, to release essential oils and ashe until the fragrance and energy of the plant feels blended. Do this one herb at a time, noticing any emotions, animals, sounds, smells or sights/visions that arrive while doing the working. add white flowers last do not massage, but do speak kindly and politely. add essential oils if you’re using them and toss.

Add cool cool water and let sit.

Pray over the bath and it’s ready.

Ritual for Spiritual Bathing.

In a clean bathroom:

Take your shower as normal cleansing from head to toe visualizing all negativity and anxiety being washed from the body with the water stream. Take your cold or cool bath and say one last prayer (y’all can tell I come from praying folks huh?) turn your water stream off and pour the bath over your head.

Do not rinse. Air Dry (with white towel on the head) and sleep/lounge in white.

Van Van Water:

add all green ingredients into bottle

add angelica root and essential oils

add rum and allow to steep for 3 days to a moon cycle divine on this to find out.

add blessed water.

*Note I mention prayer here but I don’t mean christian specific prayers, a prayer in my context is any earnest meditation of the heart addressed to a higher power, your divine spirits and your ancestors.

My Van Van Blessing Water in an old Bacardi Bottle ready to sit before adding rain or moon water.

My Van Van Blessing Water in an old Bacardi Bottle ready to sit before adding rain or moon water.

Satarra Moore-Troutman