Divination Series: The Importance of Numbers.

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Hey y’all!

I’m typing this with a full belly having just devoured some American Deli (extra crispy extra wet w/lemon pepper sprinkle… my REAL ATL girls already know!) and i’m excited to be writing my first blog post in what I plan on making a series.

My ancestors are fed, my cats are chilling and i’m ready to dive in! So let’s!

Pictured: The Nolanta Deck by the 1998 Deck. Hip Hop Playing Cards.

Pictured: The Nolanta Deck by the 1998 Deck. Hip Hop Playing Cards.

What is Divination?

Often people will ask me what I do, and when I explain that I am a psychic/diviner most people look lost and ask me if I’m Raven Baxter. While her character was made up of some pretty real experiences dramatized for tv, divination is an ancient practice of accessing information or prophesy using natural and supernatural forces.

Diviners, often known as seers maintain a space of both privilege and danger, as they can see beyond what is immediately accessible on the physical plane, making them powerful, and necessary parts of any society.

Diviners may use an array of tools, or no tools at all depending on the spiritual gifts of the diviner and the tradition they have been trained in. In this series I will focus on the tools I have been equipped with and use most often, and the pro’s and cons of each tool. I will be taking direction from Spirit in writing these posts along with sharing my personal experiences and the ways I use tools in my divination practices.

My eggun (ancestors or as I prefer to call them, my folx) have quite a lot to say about numbers so let’s start there.

Playing Cards and other Games & The Importance of Numbers In African Divination Styles

Playing cards have accompanied almost every Blackity Black Black function i’ve attended, along with dominos, dice, and other numeric and symbolic based game systems. Most of us who grew up in the diaspora, will remember the intensity with which our parents and their friends played Spades or Tonk, passing a group of men on a sidewalk rolling dice, or watching your father and his boys play dominos or poker, and pass around a cigar.

Those of us who grew up in a more “afrocentric context” might remember playing Mancala or other counting/throwing games during Kwanzaa or community activities focused on Afro Centric things.

All of these games center numbers, with numbers being one of the primary ways that spirit shows itself in the African traditional context. Diviners, and those with the gift of sight, often report seeing or dreaming of numbers, seeing repeated numeric patterns, and ancient African societies widely understood that different numbers could represent different moments in time, and space and that each number had a unique vibration that could be seen duplicated in nature and thus the natural order of all things. In a New Age context “Numerology” or the spiritual study and understanding of numbers is widely accepted as a means for spiritual communication. In my ancestral tradition, numbers are the primary building blocks upon which we address things, aside from your own spiritual gifts to look “beyond” the numbers or cards.

The meanings of numbers vary from diviner to diviner, but in my experience are consistent enough to be shared. These are the meanings of the numbers as channelled to me by my folx. If these resonate with you feel free to use them as a reference, but as always you are encouraged to consult your own ancestral bodies for confirmation. Some will be repeated and have dual meanings and you may see shared descriptors for different numbers as I am trying to put physical words to a spiritual vibe…

you may read these numbers up as high as they go, or total the numbers of the cards or dice for an overall reading energy, and master lesson. I like to do both, which i’ll demonstrate in later posts.

The numbers as channeled to me are:


a stable beginning, newness, a fresh start, you and only you, isolation, yes, but hesitant, think before you leap, opportunity but no promise.


a pair or team, balance and balancing responsibilities, a union, twins, ibeyi, a fruitful partnership, the first thought of a new venture, beginning but with movement, roots, a stirring under the surface, pregnancy.


a family, communion, luck, wealth, a new business, a fresh start on partnership, a mistress or adultery, three’s a crowd, too many cooks in the kitchen, a broken heart, a new baby or family addition, marriage and divorce, all things dealing with other people and new partnerships or the ending of those partnerships. gambling partying, fun, too much fun. feminine abundance. communication


A home, domestic life, stability, marriage for stability or money, financial matters of the home, legacy and wealth building, feminine leadership or matriarchy. Solid and unmoving, a strong foundation, a startup company steadily doing well, the first earnings of a new venture, a success hard earned.


Lawyers and the law, legal matters, the police, structures, high john, adversity and the over coming of adversary, fighting off enemies, warrior energy and spirit, need for spiritual protection or cleansing, reversal work, tribal identity or infighting, societies and belonging, secret societies and initiations.


Proper battle, fighting but with dignity, watching what you say, minding your words, balance and justice, sadness, knowing when to wave the white flag, surrender, silence, meditation and the need to meditate, peace, grieving after death, solitude. reflection. Wait before making a choice.

7 :

Spirituality, Baptism, Holy the number of completion, rebirth, angels and divine intervention, a time for reflection, take the high road, alternatively hex their ass to high hell, protection of women and children, especially female children, holes in your plan, escapism, drugs or alcoholism, addictive tendencies. also High John.


Anansi, communication (similar to three but different energy think divine communication and all knowingness vs mercurial) Big marriages, marriage for power or societal progress, royalty and lineage, death and funerals, but not ascension, confusion and chaos, money mismanagement. Generational trauma and release, Need for generational healing, repeated cycles, infinite knowledge infinity, worry of repetition, delusions of grandeur, not grounded.


High Ancestor number, ancestral intervention, death and the afterlife, the completion of a cycle, and important life lesson, a struggle worth fighting for, make offering, visit the cemetery, dance, possession. Allowing, submission, power as a result of submission, obedience.


a big win a high strong yes, or a vibration of 1, capitalism, selfishness, greed, OR sharing, connection and abundance, you choose, make the right choices, have faith, keep going.


great lessons, mastery, ascension, energy of 2 and energy of 1. Masks and hiding behind the masks, the sacredness of adornment and masking, the veil, and the thinness of the veil, psychic gifts, intuition.


often feels like three, shopping and spending, buying and purchasing, often feels like 6 and two, can be a multiple of 6 or two energy.


Gambling and luck, fortune, the woman at the market, grandmother energy and Aje, feminine protection and the Eve gene, the original woman, the goddess, Women with their own money, a boss lady. Appears when you need to get a little gangsta and stop being a punk, boss up. CEO vibes.


read as 5 or 1 & 4.


Feels like 5 but more intense or 6, or 1&5.


Read as 7, or 1&6 or intense ass 6.


8 or 1&7 or intense ass 7.

18 & 19:

follow this same pattern.


Strong ass 2.


Completion divinity, business earnings, money, communication like 3. Life lessons. Grandpa or Obatala energy, (also 11) Lucky like 13. Gambling and winning.

There are other numbers but in some way they are all divisible or simplified to these energies. My folks stop me after 21.

People will often report having their first ancestral or spirit guide communication come to them through repeated numbers or Angel numbers, and quite a few of my friends have their own systems for understanding numbers. Oftentimes I’ll see numbers “follow” clients, always appearing at particular moments in the clients lives. Other times ancestors will take a liking to a specific numeric pattern and use it to relay their presence or divine guidance to you throughout your day.

Numbers form just one of the basis’ of how to interpret divination results with tools, but nothing beats your own intuition, personal study and maintaining regular divinations and spiritual health for yourself.

Mugwort may also open up spiritual sight, along with meditation and regular ancestral communication.

If you’re looking for uniquely tailored insight, along with personalized spiritual prescription from your ancestral line and spirit guides, I am always offering divination. You can use the book me link on my website to schedule a consultation.

Much love to ya’ll and talk soon,


Side note: Recently I shared these numbers as a reference point for dice divination with Juju, the host of A Little Juju Podcast, an amazing podcast that centers Conjure and Hoodoo and other African Spiritual practices, so shout out to her for her amazing work and content for our spiritual community. Be sure to check her out wherever you get your podcasts.